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    Motorboat from Alghero to Grotte di Nettuno

    Grotte Ticket excluded

    Price per person
    € 16,00
    Start from: Banchina Dogana, 07041 Alghero SS, Italia      
    Duration: 2 hours      
    Min pax: 1      
    Region: SARDEGNA      
    Province: Sassari      
    A visit to the wonderful Caves of Neptune is a recommended stop on a tourist trip to Alghero.
    The caves can be reached in just 20 minutes from the port. Before arriving at your destination by boat, you can admire the beauty of this unspoilt area and quickly visit the entire coast.

    Inside the cave, excavated over millions of years by fresh water, is the beautiful La Marmora lake, about 120 metres long, which is a tribute to Alberto La Marmora, the Italian geographer from whom it takes its name and who, first of all, explored these coasts. All around the lake, there are numerous columns of stalactites and stalagmites that can reach a height varying from 10 to 15 metres.
    On the right, you can see a small beach, once used by the nun seals of the Central Mediterranean, now extinct species.
    The history of the Caves of Neptune dates back to prehistoric times. Several traces, belonging to the Neolithic period, found inside them, suggest that about 2,000,000 years have passed since its formation. It is almost certain that primitive men knew and used them, according to their own needs.
    The Caves of Neptune extend for about 4 km but for safety reasons tourists can only access a part of them.

    As well as being an important tourist destination and welcoming visitors from all over the world, the Caves of Neptune are also a popular destination for speleologists.
    The visit inside the caves takes about 40 minutes. There is a guide who will tell you more about the caves in Italian and English. The guide is not present on the motorboat.

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