POPGuide provides offline navigation and a self-guided audio tour in Sardinia.
    POPGuide is innovative and will enrich your city experience in the following ways:
    * Geolocalisation and navigation to any Point of Interest (POI) is possible offline, therefore avoiding expensive roaming charges

    * Navigation is possible both on foot or by car, with distance and estimated travel time included

    * The audio commentary for each POI lasts no longer than 5 minutes, focussing on curiosities and stories mixed with historical information.

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    Discover Sardinia with your own pace! Download our App and take your self-guided audio-guided tour! Roam around Sardinia and listen to our complete guide, choosing your own path to explore the historical center, restaurants, activities or best beaches in Sardinia!

     What's included

    - Mobile application

    - Offline digital maps
    - Over 300 points of interests 
    - Excursions and activities
    - Restaurants and lounge bar
    - Walking itineraries
    - Museums and galleries
    - Hotels, residences and B&B
    - Rent a car companies
    - Private car with driver

    We’ll send you the credentials to download the APP and to get access to the sightseeing and navigation options. Download, install and enjoy!
    SARDINIA APP will be looking after you from the moment you arrive.

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